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Guided Dental Implant Harvezt Drill Protocols

Protocol 1 Immediate Implant placement

Step 1

Remove a  tooth  with Atraumatic Extraction technique without  hard and soft tissue damage.  Then reflect minimal flap and socket degranulation. Use the slightly narrow diameter Guided Harvezt Drill which is narrower than implant diameter.

Step 2

Plan to place the implant at the apical diameter of at least 2-3 mm which is further deeper than the tooth socket.  Use the Guided Harvezt Drill with a pumping motion until it reaches the desired depth.

Step 3

Place the implant. Use the manual or motor drill to tap the bone to reach the correct position of the placement torque maximum.

Step 4

Remove the autologous bone graft from the Guided Harvezt Drill and then place it laterally into the socket walls. Close them with temporary crown or healing abutment.  Moreover it might be added by suturing.

Protocol 1

Protocol 2 Guided Expansion Graft for Cases with Initial Ridge of Width 3-6 mm Triangular Ridge Shape.

Step 1

Insert implant then suture wait for 3 months osteointegration.

Step 2

Use the Guided Harvezt Drill at the slightly smaller diameter than the implant diameter.

Step 3

Pump the Guided Harvezt Drill which is also the one drill  until  it reaches  the final depth before you insert implant.

Step 4

Remove the autologous bone graft and then use the big needle  holder  to flat the bone.   
Use the bone graft as the membrane  and then  put the block graft  on the buccal  or lingual site for contouring  and then suture or close  it with temporary crown or healing abutment.

Protocal 2

Protocol 3 Sinus lift minimum residual bone height 3-6 mm

Step 1

Measure the alveolar bone height before it reaches the sinus floor. Then open the flap at the same width of the diameter of the Guided Harvezt Drill.

Step 2

Use the pumping technique of the Guided Harvezt Drill at the slightly narrow diameter. 
Drill until it is 1 mm lower than the sinus floor.  Do not reach the floor of the sinus.  The bone is not taken out. Then you will see the round hole of the drill. Use the Osteotome to tab the remaining bone with the hammer at the placement area. Then move the bone and the floor of sinus upright that it will make the room for implant placement.

Step 3

Insert the implant fixture and then suture it. It takes 3 months for the osteointegration.

Protocol 3
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